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For free
Coffee | water | Fruit

Coffee cash register? We don't have it! There are free drinks and snacks available in the offices to keep colleagues energized throughout the day

 Team Events

The popularity of remote working has made it even more important to meet in person, exchange ideas and have fun. In this way, we offer the opportunity to strengthen solidarity and trust among one another.


Employer-funded pension

Insure yourself for old age now – Colleagues are informed in detail by an expert about the possibility of a company pension plan and then decide whether/which savings amount they would like to invest with an employer’s additional payment.

EdenRed Card

Like a fuel card – only better. Every month, €50 goes to the EdenRed Card, which can then be used to pay at various regional partners (e.g. gas stations, supermarkets, etc.).


Company fitness with WellPass

Access to a network of <6,000 sports, fitness and wellness facilities! Some of the offers are free (e.g. gym, swimming pool, etc.) or have extremely reduced access (e.g. climbing, kayaking...). There is only a net charge of €30 – AV-Line takes care of the rest.

Job Bike

Bicycle leasing with JobRad means: getting on your dream bike or e-bike, being mobile sustainably, protecting the environment and keeping fit. Thanks to government funding (0.25% rule), employees save up to 40 percent compared to conventional purchases.


Working at home

Work and private life should be in harmony. This can be achieved through the possibility of working remotely, as long commutes can be saved, for example. We offer 100% remote jobs, but colleagues in the office also have access to remote work packages.


Continuing education

Further training brings know-how into the company and promotes innovative strength. Anyone who expands their skills increases their chances of advancement and ensures a routine, more relaxed and safer working day.


Ergonomic workplaces

Height-adjustable tables in the office shorten daily and often unhealthy sitting times. This in turn improves work performance, increases well-being and prevents back problems, for example.

Revenue sharing

Making the best possible effort to contribute to the company's success should go without saying - but with a twice-yearly payment of a percentage share of sales, you are even more committed to your company and also benefit from its success.

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