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The trust and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Whether it's construction service or CAD consulting , we'll find an individual solution and service for your company!


Daniel Geiser

On hand with help and advice

"The assessment of the current situation and the resulting neutral tips have sharpened our focus and saved us from making ill-considered wrong decisions.
Due to the practical consideration, even beyond the horizon, we can recommend AV-Line to our industry colleagues at any time."



We couldn't have done it alone!

“Today we have a tailor-made, highly flexible and, above all, completely integrated system in-house, the advantages of which we appreciate. Thanks to AV-Line, we can only now really exploit the high level of technological possibilities.”


Bernd Gruber

Together to perfection!

"With their experience, AV-Line has helped us significantly in digitizing our modern production. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to work together to perfect it."



A lecture that inspires!

“A huge compliment to your presentation. I was enthusiastic and took some ideas with me, some of which have already been implemented.”



AV 4.0 - An absolutely professional overall concept!

“AV-Line impressed us with its professional way of working and your implementation concept. Even details were taken into account and practical solutions developed. We will thus make a quantum leap in our work preparation and production.”



Accurate to the millimeter

"We were busy with the interior design of a 500 square meter two-story residential unit in the HI END area for almost a full year. But the precise planning and work preparation were absolutely worth it.
Our production and our assembly team were more than enthusiastic that everything went so smoothly and that the dimensions were right down to the millimeter."


Soren Ruland

Perspectives shown!

"A very good seminar to show the basics and set perspectives."


Feil GmbH

SchreinerAV with AV Line

“AV-Line plans for us the way we need it. We simply import the results into the ERP.”


Carpenter Maul

A workshop that motivates and leaves a positive feeling!

"The corporate strategy workshop with a focus on team structure was very well done and included many clear exercises. Together, practical approaches were developed that now can be implemented.”


Vedder GmbH

An effective workshop with many helpful ideas!

"Thank you very much for the effective workshop in our house! Instructive, helpful and very pleasant is probably the best way to describe our feedback!”


Koch Möbel

Software turned upside down!

"The AV-Line employees gave us very good support and helped us get going. Together we always find good solutions and approaches to dealing with problems that often aren't real."


Rabe interior design


"What makes AV-Line and the team around Markus Faust stand out from the crowd of consultants is the deep understanding of the needs and framework conditions in the carpentry trade. Together with a great feeling for the people behind the company, Markus Faust creates it very individually to address our technical, organizational and strategic questions."



Perfect advice and detailed weak point analysis by AV-Line!

"We did the process check online. We were emailed "homework" in advance, which we worked on and served to prepare for our two appointments. In this way, Mr. Faust was able to prepare himself optimally and get the best out of the two appointments open and honest analysis across various fields of activity, we were able to identify weaknesses in processes."


Carpenter Zezelj

AV-Line as a reliable partner

"Even if I can't directly measure the work in numbers, I know that without their help we would never have made such progress. AV-Line's work has given us a clear commercial success!"


Max Brammertz

Take off in record time

"After purchasing our 5-axis CNC, our goal was to establish consistency between CAD, work preparation and machine connection as quickly as possible. Thanks to the professional support from AV-Line, we achieved this goal in the shortest possible time. Special requests were also implemented during programming . This means we can record even complicated designs in CAD and pass them on to the machining center."


Schreinerei Bauereiß GmbH

Efficient processes for the future!

"We had major challenges in implementing processes and procedures and often thought too complicatedly. However, through our joint project with Markus Faust, we were able to achieve significant improvements that had a positive impact on the entire company. Our processes became leaner and more efficient.

I can only recommend AV-Line with Markus Faust for optimizing company processes. It will take our company to a new level and prepare us for the challenges of the future. Many thanks to the team for the excellent work!"


Stapelbroek GmbH

Complex project mastered

"The holistic concept encouraged us to have the selection and introduction of SolidWorks, SWOOD and PDM handled by AV-Line and not by a classic CAD reseller. In order to build on the BORM and AlphaCAM systems and not undermine the complex ERP structures, a very high level of customizing was necessary. Here we were able to rely completely on AV-Line and count on an open and honest exchange on both sides. Now we have an extremely powerful CAD/CAM/ERP/PDM environment that is also fun to use. The training concept of the AV-Learn learning platform inspired and thoroughly convinced our employees."


PlanHandWerk GbR

Richtungsweisend für Jungunternehmer

"Das Unternehmer BootCamp bei Markus hat uns gezeigt, wie wichtig Strukturen und die richtige Definition von Zielen für ein ordentlich geführtes Unternehmen sind. Mit dem vermittelten Wissen haben wir unser Unternehmen positioniert und unsere Abläufe geordnet. Vor allem als ein Unternehmen, das noch nicht so lange auf dem Markt ist, ist es schön von jemandem zu lernen, der schon die Aufs und Abs der Anfangsphase hinter sich hat."

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