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Are you the managing director, operations, production or IT manager of a larger interior design company and these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • There are increasing difficulties in finding well-trained AV and manufacturing specialists.

  • Despite the latest machines and modern 3D CAD systems, you are finding it increasingly difficult to generate good contribution margins.

  • Due to illnesses and short-term postponements, your production flow suffers greatly, which regularly causes your capacity planning to collapse.

We don't have a secret recipe for the shortage of skilled workers or short-term postponements. What we can offer, however, is an intelligent manufacturing infrastructure that:

  • consists of interpretation-free processes and thus allows you to access employees or robots from outside the industry.

  • provides transparent, agile manufacturing insight, making it much easier for you to compensate and balance short-term fluctuations in utilization.


Both with the central goal:

Generate more contribution margin in your company!


Powerful CAD/CAM infrastructure

• (PDM) Workflows & Master data integration

• Library construction (WOP & CAD)

• Construction methodology

Machine conception

• Selection & Conception of machine parks

• Integration of stacking & Sorting systems

• Intelligent Nesting & Multi CNC controls

Connected manufacturing

• Postprocessors & Interface management

• Converters & Transfer tools

• Networking of external production facilities and suppliers

Manufacturing intelligence

• Systematized workflows

• Production timing & Batch sizing

• Selection & Implementation  of production control systems (MES)

Manufacturing transparency

• Holistic process &  Information flow model

• Paperless information management

• Component tracking & Project progress


Paperless manufacturing

We integrate with youfunctional interaction tools. This not only saves a lot of communication channels but also reduces your printing costs by up to10,000€/year.

Manufacturing transparency

TheView project progress at any time kto be able to and to know exactlywhich machineback the next Engpass draw -For many production managers, this is a long-awaited dream that will come true together with us.

Ideal CAD/CAM infrastructure

Theeconomical use of modern 3D CAD systems is only possible with the right overall setup. We deliver themComplete infrastructureincluding functional CAM interfaces, efficient libraries and pragmatic design methodologies.

The right machine setup

Half-used panel saws and inefficiently used ones CNC machines cost valuable production time. A no-go that we are actively counteracting and giving youtailor-made machine and tool concept delivery.

Interpretation-free processes

Processes free of interpretationnot only reduce yourse Missing parts massive, but also areBasis for every type of automation. An extremely important component in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Your advantages with AV-Line


Holistic current analysis

Thanks to state-of-the-art methods, we take a close look at all current, production-relevant processes in a workshop at your premises.


Tool-neutral strategy

You  receive a  Tailored overall concept including action plan and investment forecast. Completely free of any product and sales focus.


Field-tested implementation

We live and love automating craft processes. We don't advise, we get involved and implement it step by step together with you.

A partnership at eye level.



“Took off in record time!”

Max Brammertz | Schreinerei Brammertz

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